Thoughts About Our Shared Crisis, Part Three

It’s Friday, March 27th, 2020. And I have this sense that we’re all just starting to get weary of this bullshit.

Personally, I miss Qdoba, Mod Pizza, playing guitar at church, running with my friends, and liberally shaking hands and hugging people all willy-nilly like.

But…it’s about to get a lot harder. A lot of people are about to get sick. The reality is, we’re really just getting into the meat of this thing.

And here’s where another lesson from my experiences with ultra-running just might come in handy. At least I hope it does.

There’s an old adage in ultra-running, a saying that goes back to before my time in the sport…it’s short, simple, and stoutly true:

It never always gets worse.

Sometimes it does, indeed, get worse. Like at mile 62 of the 2014 Leadville 100, when I (foolishly) ate some ramen noodles shortly after eating a couple of little chocolate eclairs, creating hours of nausea the likes of which I’d never experienced. That mistake took me from feeling surprisingly great to astoundingly awful in a short period of time.

Or the time my knee kind of stopped working going downhill at mile 75-ish of the West Highland Way Race. I thought I was done. I’d never felt physical pain like that in a race before.

But, both times…it never always got worse. I finished both races. They were hard, really hard. Brutally so, really.

But, it never always got worse.

Ponder that for a bit…there’s a great deal of wisdom packed in that enigmatic turn of phrase..

Roll it around in your mind.

We might need this wisdom, even more than we think in the coming days.

There will be good news out of this. People will do heroic things. Moments of levity will surface when we least expect it.

It never always gets worse.

Be safe out there.


Feeling awful. But getting it done.