From Mom’s Memorial

I shared this as an introduction to Mom’s memorial yesterday…

My name is Gary Mitchell Aronhalt
I am the fourth son and last child of Gilbert Mason and Ruby Aronhalt
Raymond Clark is before me
Timothy Wayne preceded him
Kenneth Lee is the first son
Carolyn Sue is their second child
Brenda Kay is their first born 

We come from Colorado, from Kentucky, from Missouri and Ohio
We come from Marysville, Midland and Sardina and Owensville and Wilmington
From Greenfield and New Berlin, Wisconsin
We come from South Vienna and Plattsburg
We come from Black Lick, Kentucky and Adrian, Michigan

We come from messy haired board games in the kitchen
And from holiday feasts in the dining room 

We come from WIZE, WTUE and WLW
We come from Reds games on the radio
On the porch on a summer evening

We come from gospel and bluegrass
From country and rock and roll
We come from George Jones and Johnny Horton and Charlie Pride and Patsy Cline
We come from Hank Williams

We come from faithfulness and devotion
From irreverence and informality
We come from solid, but slightly off

We come from unwavering

We come from strong coffee, with Coffee-Mate creamer
We come from baking and cooking and canning
We come from chili, with peanut butter sandwiches
From soup beans and corn bread
We come from biscuits and gravy 

We come from garages and bowling alleys 

We come from Fords, mostly
From Mustangs and T-Birds, from Crown Vics, LTD’s and Rangers 

We come from the Blizzard of ’78
From flashlights in the darkness

We come from broken hearts and busted dreams
We come from jokes and jabs, from teasing and being teased
We come from fighting
We come from making up
We come from a lot of laughter

We come from love

We come from perseverance and persistence
We come from difficulty
We come from hard, hard work 

We are the children of Gilbert Mason and Ruby Aronhalt
And we are who we are, because they are who they are 

Thank you so much for being here today, to celebrate the life of our Mom