still a bit occupied / beginning to process completing 50 miles

last week was tied up with preparations for jesse blasdel’s ordination.

this week has been tied up with preparations for preaching at platt park church (formerly pathways wash park and you should totally stop by if you’re looking for a faith community!), and so i’ve continued to postpone writing up my bear chase race report.

but, the delay in writing is also due to the fact that i’m having a hard time processing what happened.  it’s all just so big and strange.

top of mt. carbon, lap 2

this milestone is really important to me, and there really aren’t that many people in my day to day life who care to hear about it, or could even begin to relate… or would want to try and understand.  therefore, most people don’t know how to respond.

and that can make their responses pretty funny.  my favorite so far, upon hearing that it took over 11 hours: “i couldn’t even watch TV for that long…”

others respond with a real tinge of something like personal offense: “what’s wrong with you?!”

and people not knowing how to respond also just makes it kind of embarrassing, and so i’ve not talked a lot about it.  and since i’m an external processor, that’s made it a bit hard.

i do know that i’m simultaneously super proud of the accomplishment and completely humbled by it.  and that’s a strange mix.

one thing that was awesome was the outpouring of love and support via social media that day and the days following.  very overwhelming.

anyway, sunday night’s the night that i plan to start writing out the story of the day, as it unfolded. and that’ll be great timing because melanie and i are going to walk the entire course together sunday afternoon!

my sister, carolyn, captured this long, slow exhale just after the finish… communicates a lot.