so… yeah.


in less than a week i’m going to run 50 miles at the bear chase race out in lakewood. four 12.5 mile loops, starting at 6:30 am and finishing sometime before the 12 hour cut-off.

and by “run” 50 miles i mean “run / jog / trot / walk / shuffle / stumble / crawl / whimper / cry / laugh / pray / keep moving forward” in varying degrees and capacities for 50 miles.

heading out of last aid station at the aspen backcountry marathon. photo courtesy of ross odegaard.

i had originally signed up for the 50k (31 miles) but that distance (and the time it would take to complete it down here in town) is so very near to what i experienced at the aspen backcountry marathon (which was MORE than a marathon), it seemed a shame to not set my sights higher.

i wanted to be able to write something witty and insightful about why i’m doing this, what’s driving me, what i hope to learn and experience…

but frankly, i’m a little freaked out.  it’s intimidatingly far, and i just freaked myself out further by looking up towns that are 50 miles apart… like colorado springs and highlands ranch, or cincinnati and dayton.

and it’s going to take a long time. yesterday, as i got ready for church i thought, “this time next week, i’ll be a little way into lap 1.”

then, later in the day, after church, i thought, “this time next week, i’ll be part way through lap 2.”

then, much, much later in the day, after lunch and running an errand and watching a bit of the broncos game and working around the house cleaning the gutters for a few hours i thought, “this time next week, i’ll have about an hour to go before i finish.”

so, maybe the wit and insight will appear after the experience.  i don’t know.

until then, i’ve got several days of wigging out to do…

thanks for reading,