obsessive weather checking

my ultra-runner friend ben dicke has described ultra-running as “an eating and drinking competition with some running mixed in.”

there’s a great deal of truth in that statement.  if you don’t figure out a way to fuel yourself, you’ll bonk and fail.

for me, my ability to consume fuel during long runs is directly related to the weather.  two weeks ago, during a long run on the bear chase race course, it turned hot and my stomach rebelled. hard.

and so, i’ve begun to obsessively check weather forecasts for sunday.

there had been a forecast out there that was predicting a high in the mid-80’s and brilliantly sunny.

ugh… oh dear LORD, no…

i’m choosing/ hoping/ trusting in weather.com for now… 71, partly cloudy w/ 20% chance of rain.

related… things that are approximately the same distance apart as the length of my race:

  • pueblo and colorado springs, colorado
  • provo and salt lake city, utah
  • cheyenne and laramie, wyoming
  • wichita and hutchinson, kansas
  • “reality” and “reality tv”
  • the NFL and NFL fans

but, i digress.

gotta go, gotta rest.

thanks for reading


the forecast is still the same for sunday…